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Feedstock provision for Anaerobic Digestors

Warden Agri have been supplying feedstocks into digestors all over the UK and Europe for the past 10 years. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge on how to feed farm and commercial digestors to optimize performance. We can offer advise as well as supplying high quality feed which is sourced from across Europe and indeed worldwide.


We run trials on new feeds for digestors in order to use previously untapped sources that have superior gassing values. This gives us the edge on other providers as our customers are given first opportunity of these products. In the current market there is competition on where feedstocks are used (animal vs digestor) we can often find alternatives at a competitive price.


Leading in sourcing the best optimal balance for our customers in terms of quality and price, we have a proven track record of consistency of delivery to timescales and work in an extremely professional manner.