Warden Agri have farms both in Lincolnshire and in Scotland; in total farming over 4000 acres. We trial out all natural inputs for example KalFos, Gypsum, and Digestate. This coupled with our in house agronomist enables us to communicate comprehensively with our customers about our products and advise on the best dosage rates and conditions for application. 

A secondary advantage to farming is allowing us to grow our own product to sell into companies as Ingredients for example wheat, maize, oats, & linseed into Anaerobic Digestors, bakery and pet food, as well as selling Assured Grain to farm. 

Over the years we have developed a ‘closed-loop’ approach to agriculture, diversifying into by-product management and waste recovery. Waste happens in all industries and the agricultural sector is no exception. Here at Warden Agri, we provide solutions for Damaged and Distressed Grain, pulse, by-products and waste streams, offering a rapid and discreet service. Servicing agricultural, industrial and manufacturing businesses nationwide, our expertise is in secure destruction, regeneration and energy recovery.

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