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Our Story


Warden Agri farm in both Lincolnshire and in Scotland; in total we farm over 4000 acres. From our background we understand the importance of delivering Key services on time and without any interruption to your business.

Having this valuable experience allows us to understand the market from both sides as we grow our own produce to sell into companies as Ingredients.

The Products we grow are wheat, maize, oats and linseed, which are used in the Bakery, Pet Food and Renewable energy sectors playing an important part in future of the United Kingdom becoming more sustainable. 

By having our own Farms we can control and use all natural inputs from KalFos, Gypsum and Digestate. This allows us to communicate comprehensively with our clients about our products and provide any support required to help.

Our business is very proud to be providing a sustainable and closed loop service to help support our customers.

So In 2014, Warden Agri wanted to continue this great work by diversifying in creating an Innovative waste management solution in Specialising in the Food Manufacturing and Product destruction sectors.

Since then, we have now grown into becoming a Trusted partner in not only the Food but supporting the Insurance, Retail and Cosmetic Sectors across UK and Europe by providing a certified "Cradle to Grave" solution to give assurances that the products are destroyed meeting any guidelines set.

Our service is very unique as we work in partnership with our clients to tailor a bespoke waste solution to help you meet your Environmental, Financial, CSR or Sustainability goals.

Now is the best time to contact Warden Agri on 01790 720420 or info@wardenagri.co.uk to arrange a FREE no obligation Audit to understand how we can help YOU!